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Streaming Video Device Set-up & Troubleshoot


Need help setting up your new Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV? We’ll take care of everything you need to start streaming your favorite movies and TV programs in style. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Services Includes:

  • Hook up your streaming device to a TV or receiver
  • Connect to the Internet and perform first-time set up
  • Install and set up your streaming video apps
  • Demonstrate streaming device functionality
  • Note: Please verify that you have an available video input on your TV or receiver for your new device

Set up a Surround Sound System


We’ve got you surrounded! In a good way. If you have speakers dangling from the ceiling, taped to the back of your couch, or if you want to install a new system, grab a Tech and have it done right.

Services Includes:

  • Connect audio and video equipment in one room
  • Assemble any supplied speaker stands
  • Program supplied remote
  • Give a walk-through of the new system
  • IMPORTANT: This service does not include in-wall/ceiling installations or in-wall wiring

TV Wall Mount Installation


Need help getting that TV up on the wall? Put down the tools and have a Tech mount it for you. Give your home theater the upgrade it deserves! Note: If you don’t already have the mount or are unsure of what to purchase, your Tech can pick one up for you. You are responsible for the cost of the mount and any additional parts that may be needed.

Services Includes:

  • Connect all necessary video and basic audio components
  • Neatly dress wires
  • Conceal in-wall rated wires where applicable (additional charges apply). Television power cables are not rated for in-wall wire concealment.
  • Configure any necessary peripheral devices
  • Install a bracket and mount one TV

Hook Up a Smart Device


Want a smarter home? We can’t teach it common core, but we can set up your smart devices! Whether you have a smart lamp, clock, or toaster, our Techs will get you connected and move your home to the head of the class!

Services Includes:

  • Set up and configure your smart device
  • Connect the smart device to a mobile application or smart hub
  • Demonstrate proper smart device functionality

WiFi and Network Connectivity Support


Tired of slow and spotty internet? Our expert technicians can fix your network connection and boost your WiFi signal to give you the fastest internet possible. Does your WiFi keep dropping out? If you can’t maintain a stable connection, or certain devices won’t communicate with each other, have a Tech swing by to troubleshoot your wireless network.

Services Includes:

  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues
  • Install and configure network cards and wireless connections
  • Configure and secure a router
  • Create a secure network
  • Coordinate setup preferences
  • Connect peripheral devices to the wireless network

Hook up a TV, Audio, or Video Device


TVs love company! If you need help setting up a Blu-ray player, new sound bar, or streaming video device to your television then let us know and we’ll send out a tech to handle it.

Services Includes:

  • Assess the installation area
  • Connect the device(s) to the TV
  • Connect any capable devices to an existing WiFi network
  • Demonstrate device functionality

Video Doorbell

Starting AT ONLY $ 65

If you need help setting up your video doorbell with your smart devices let us know and we’ll send out a tech to handle it.

Services Includes:

  • Assess the installation area
  • Securely mount video doorbell
  • Connect device to an existing WiFi network
  • Demonstrate device functionality


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